Public Safety's Smart City Solution

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APX, Advance property eXposure is an innovative software company developing Smart Public Safety solutions. Police, Fire and EMS services benefit from receiving just the right information at just the right time. Improved situational awareness leads to faster incident suppression, saving time and hopefully saving lives. A key component in smart city initiatives.

The Call to Action


Urbanization (the increased population density of major urban centres) is a significant challenge that North American cities are facing.

How can cities and their Tri-Services leverage smart technologies to improve both efficiency and effectiveness?


Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness

Responding officers are instantly provided with digitized, mission-critical information in real-time.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Officers, dispatchers and incident commanders all have access to dynamic and interactive intel.

Reduced Costs/Risk

Better information allows for faster, smarter responses, reducing property damage and risks to responders and the public.

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