Firefighters responding to emergency situations often have little or no building information. At best, officers may have access to paper-copy building plans or intel from people on scene. As a result, responding officers are frequently going in blind.

With BTIS™ for Fire, mission-critical information can be sent to firefighters enroute to incidents, allowing them to respond faster upon arrival.

Building Tactical Information System™ is a fully-interoperable software solution that fire servces can use to digitize and upload building information to a secure database, from which the information can be dispatched within seconds during an emergency.

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Why use BTIS™

Improved Situational Awareness

With real-time access to updated digital information and imagery, responders, commanders and dispatchers are all able to gain significant situational awareness before officers engage in an incident response.

By providing better access to better information, BTIS™ can help Command make better tactical decisions, and help officers respond to incidents faster, safer, and smarter.

Simple, Effective Communication

Unlike other solutions, BTIS™ pushes information, rather than requiring users to pull (search for) information. Push notifications are pushed in real-time to smart devices within responding vehicles. The intuitive BTIS™ interface allows responders to swipe, pinch and zoom to quickly review all received information before arriving on scene.

With BTIS™, accessing mission-critical information is fast and simple.

Efficient Deployment and Resource Use

When better information is made available to Command, dispatchers and incident commanders can better understand the requirements for an effective response. As a result, responding units can be more efficiently deployed, with only the required personnel being dispatched to an incident.

With BTIS™, valuable resources can be more efficiently deployed.

Enhanced Interoperability

Being able to easily share mission-critical information is valuable when engaging in mutual aid responses. With all engaged departments on the same page, responses are faster and more efficient, leading to enhanced mutual aid capabilities and improved interoperability between the Tri-Services.

With BTIS™, sharing mission-critical information is simple.


Solution Capabilities


Solution Features

Complete Solution: Efficiently captures, securely stores, rapidly dispatches Unparalleled Speed: Instantaneous communication helps officers save 5 minutes or more during a response
Secure: Data is protected using four levels of security (including a Tier III Datacenter) Ease of Use: Intuitive user interfaces put critical information, in a simple-to-use format, in the hands of responders
Two-way Communication: Data-rich, real-time communication between Dispatchers/Incident Commanders and responding officers Public Safety Grade: Designed for mission-critical applications
Network Agnostic: Compatible with existing broadband networks and future Public Safety broadband networks Ease of Deployment: No municipal IT Support required, quick system adoption with minimal required training
Accountability: Incident reporting and data logs Web and IP-based: Optimal combination of native and non-proprietary protocols
No Proprietary Hardware: BTIS compatible with iOS, Android and Windows-based devices Affordable: Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud-based, no capital expenditure, and future proof