What is Plan Ahead™?

Plan Ahead™ is an iOS-based capture tool designed to allow Public Safety agencies to leverage smart technology to rapidly and intuitively capture critical information.

With Plan Ahead™, first responders can quickly gather critical building information, from which digitized, NFPA 1620 compliant pre-incident plans are automatically generated and synced with the secure Plan Ahead™ cloud server. With Plan Ahead™, pre-plans are readily available and distributable at time of emergency.

Plan Ahead™ is designed Mobile First: built from the ground up, it best harnesses the advanced capabilities provided by Smart Mobile and Web technologies.

  • Intuitive User Experience — a streamlined interface and intuitive touch gestures allow responders to capture building information with the tap of a finger. Compared with traditional PC-based pre-plan tools, Plan Ahead™ is easier and faster to use.
  • Integrated Sensor Data/Cameras — Plan Ahead™ leverages data from built-in GPS sensors to simplify and enhance user experience. High-quality images can be captured with the device cameras and automatically added to pre-plans.
  • Functionality In/Out of Coverage — Plans being created with network coverage are automatically synced with the secure Plan Ahead™ server. If pre-plans are created out of coverage, Plan Ahead™ automatically syncs, without user intervention, when network connectivity returns.

Plan Ahead™ modernizes the pre-planning workflow for emergency services, allowing digitized pre-incident plans to be created in a shorter amount of time, and using fewer department resources.


Why use Plan Ahead™?

Fast and Easy Information Capture

Officers can use powerful, commercially-available tablets to input information into digital pre-plan forms. Images can be captured with the device cameras and automatically added to the collected pre-plan.

With Plan Ahead™, first responders are able to capture high-quality digital information with a tap of a finger.

Fully Customizable Pre-plan Forms

A structured and dynamic format allows departments to re-organize forms, and add fields and content in order to best suit department operations.

With Plan Ahead™, departments can easily tailor forms to capture all needed information.

Data Processing/Analysis Ready

Many digital pre-plan applications present the information in a non-searchable "presentation" format. Plan Ahead™ presents all collected data in a format with collapsible, re-orderable sections, and enhanced search capabilities. Collected data is also presented in a ready-state for advanced data analysis.

With Plan Ahead™, departments can put better data to better use.

Secure Cloud Storage, Smart Data Sync

All captured information is stored on the Plan Ahead™ cloud server, hosted on a secure, Tier III Datacenter. With Plan Ahead™ and its Smart Sync feature, created plans are synced automatically when responders are working online. If responders are using Plan Ahead™ offline, the records are saved locally and synced when coverage returns.

With Plan Ahead™, plans are automatically made available to departments for secure and reliable, mission-critical use.

Plan Ahead™ Features
Mobile First Solution: Streamlined design, intuitive gestures NFPA 1620 Compliant: By default, pre-plans forms meet NFPA pre-planning standards
Secure: Data is stored on a secure cloud server, hosted on a Tier III Datacenter (expected availability of 99.982%—virtually no down time) Integrated Device Cameras: Mobile device cameras can be used to capture and automatically add high-quality images to plans
Online and Offline Modes: Pre-plans are auto-synced with the cloud server when in coverage; when working offline, data is stored locally and synced when connectivity returns Public Safety Grade: Designed for mission-critical use, with an intuitive interface and reliable network architecture
Network Agnostic: Compatible with existing LTE/3G broadband networks and tomorrow's Public Safety broadband networks Ease of Deployment: No municipal IT Support required, quick system adoption with minimal required training
Structured Data: Rather than store captured data in a traditional presentation format, Plan Ahead™ stores data in a structured format that enhances searchability and facilitates advanced data processing Web and IP-based: Optimal combination of native and non-proprietary protocols
No Proprietary Hardware: Plan Ahead™ is a mobile application designed to run on commercially available iOS® devices Affordable: Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud-based, no capital expenditure, and future proof