Smart City-Link™ is a Smart City solution that leverages LTE/FirstNet broadband and Cloud technologies to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and interoperability of emergency communications. Smart City-Link™ is a city-wide solution: different agencies are able to leverage each others' contributions, resulting in enhanced responses on a city scale.

Smart City-Link™ is a full emergency solution that allows for

  • the creation of NFPA 1620-compliant pre-incident plans;
  • the secure storage and real-time transfer of mission-critical and dynamic information; and
  • instant and rich communication between command and responders, 1-to-1 or 1-to-many.

Smart City-Link™ is an innovative software solution with a Mobile First design that leverages the best of Web and Mobile technologies. The solution is designed to run on the latest iOS® and Android™ devices: With Smart City-Link™, a firefighter can use an iPad to quickly develop a detailed preplan with Plan Ahead™, and a responding officer can use a smart phone to instantly review pushed information with Building Tactical Information System™.


Smart City-Link™ Benefits

Enhanced situational understanding leads to more efficient deployment of valuable resources.

Smart City-Link™ drives efficiency by helping you send out only the required resources.

Better information sooner allows officers to engage in faster, safer and smarter incident responses.

Smart City-Link™ can help emergency services gather digital pre-incident plans much more efficiently than traditional methods, reducing personnel costs associated with creating pre-plans and enhancing the quality of available information.

Tri-service interoperability is enhanced by real-time sharing of critical information.

Smart City-Link™ facilitates instant communication and information transfer between the tri-services.


Smart City-Link™ Applications

BTIS™ for Police

BTIS™ for Fire

Plan Ahead™

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